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George J. ViningIn George Joseph Vining's An Account of His Life, the author as an old man recounts for his children his reversals of fortune. Born to a wealthy English merchant family, young George saw his father gamble away all that they had. Forced to immigrate to America, George and his siblings were left destitute and orphaned in a harsh frontier land. George served in the Civil War with the 9th Arkansas Infantry, struggled to build a successful business, and near the end of his life paused to look back over the years and miles he had traversed.

In the 1970's, at the request of their children, three elderly sisters set down their memories of growing up at the turn of the century in Arkansas.

Edith McCullough PerryThe older sister Edith wrote a memoir entitled My Story, which covers childhood in Alicia in more detail, their schooling, and her early married life.

Gladys McCullough AlexanderFor a view of childhood in Alicia, Arkansas, read Gladys' memoir, Looking Back at the Long Ago.

Maibelle McCullough MoutonThe last of the McCullough memoirs was written by Maibelle. Entitled Remembering With Joy, it includes detailed maps of the Alicia farm where the McCullough sisters grew up and her experiences as the only left-hander among her siblings.


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