Edith McCullough Perry:
My Story


Edith M. Perry:
My Story

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Little Rock

Edith McCullough, c. 1903

Edith Louise McCullough was born in Alicia, AR on November 21, 1893, the daughter of W. J. McCullough and Nancy Vianna Smith. On July 17, 1919 she married Dr. John T. Perry (born May 27, 1875), a widower with several sons. Edith and John had a single daughter, born on Christmas Eve, 1920 (she was placed in a bassinet under the family Christmas tree).

John died on August 21, 1930, but Edith survived him by many years, dying on July 09, 1979.

Description of Original Memoir:

This transcript was created from a photocopy of the original typewritten document. All photographs and drawings were scanned from the photocopy.

Transcription Notes:

I left everything, including typos, misspellings, etc. as it appears on the photocopy. Text in [italics] are my own notations.


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