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The letters are presented in date order, earliest to most recent, and span a period from 1820 to 1949. Click on the first word "Letter" to access the file. Other links refer to biographical notes on the letter writers or the recipients.

Letter from Joseph Wilds to his brother Jesse Wilds. Joseph had moved to Louisiana and had just heard about the death of their uncle George.

Letters between Samuel Hugh Wilds and Anna Rosamund Wilds during his service in the Civil War.

Letters from Robert H. Peel to his sweetheart in Mississippi during the Civil War plus other writings, including scans from his medical records.

Letter from Albert Peel, to his cousin Hunter Peel during the Civil War. Albert's diaries are produced elsewhere on this site.

Letters to and from Joseph John Collins, whose Spanish-American war diary is also available.

Letter from Samuel Hugh Wilds, II to his vast family upon the death of their mother Annie Taylor Edmunds Wilds.

Letters from Dr. R. H.Wilds to his daughter Julia.

Letters from Eleanor Phelps Wilds to Robert H. Wilds, Jr. and his fiance Irene Clark, and one letter from his sister Julia to him.

Letters to and from Bob Wilds to his sister Julia, to family friends, and the official correspondence after his death in combat.


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