In Their Own Words:
Letters from Dr. R. H. Wilds
to his daughter Julia

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[There is no date on this note, but the reference to "one and only daughter" suggests that it was written prior to Claudia's birth in 1931]

My Love to you and a Merry Xmas, my one and only Daughter. The years bring many changes in all of us -- and as I watch you I can not help but feel that for you they are being more of charm, character, of innate sweetness. In these "Topsy Turvy" years parents in general are anxious concerning their daughters. Thanks goodness we trust you implicitely & there is no worry in that respect.
But please my Very Dear One don't let Sentiment prevail too much in your scheme of things.

A lot of kinder love from Dad

[notation] Dr. Robert Henry Wilds to his daughter Julia Ashley Wilds Cullum
March 21, 1944


Dear Julie: --
     Congratulations on your 30th birthday -- also congratulations on having made the most of your self during some rather trying years. Certainly you have developed into an unusually fine woman strong and fine in character.
We are all most justly proud of you and all that you stand for. Please take this little present [?] and blow it on your own swell [?] self.
     Lots of love--


[notation] A birthday present from Daddy -- $50.00!

[notation] To me, Julia Ashley Wilds Cullum from Daddy. Xmas 1944

Dr. Robert H. Wilds
South Carolina

My Sweet Child: --
     I do not deserve that precious note of yours -- but because I am so undeserving I appreciate it all the more.
You are so darling -- a grand woman doing a subpurb job under difficulties -- I am made by you, your character, your inate fineness to be, oh so proud that I am your Daddy.

     My love,


Please spend the enclosed for something that you want but cannot afford!

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