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Robert Henry Wilds

Robert Henry Wilds

known as "Harry"

Born: November 22, 1883
Longtown, Fairfield Co. SC

Father: Louis Trezevant Wilds, Sr.


Mother: Annie Taylor Edmunds


Married: (1) Annabelle Ashley


Married: (2) Eleanor Sheffield Phelps


September 20, 1923
St. Bartholomew's Church, New York, NY

Military Service: Physician, WW1

Occupation: Physician


    By Annabelle Ashley
  1. Julia Ashley
  2. Robert Henry, Jr.
  3. Louis Trezevant

  4. By Eleanor Sheffield Phelps
  5. Sheffield Phelps 'Ted'
  6. Preston Lea
  7. Claudia Phelps


Wedding Announcement



Died: November 01, 1949 in Aiken, SC

Cremated and ashes scattered


National Cyclopedia of American Biography

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