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Biographical Notes

John Jay Phelps, II

John Jay Phelps

known as "Captain Jack"

Born: September 27, 1861
Paris, France

Father: William Walter Phelps


Mother: Ellen Maria Sheffield


Married on April 26, 1888:
Rose Janet Hutchinson

Born: April 26, 1865
Died: July 30, 1942 -- gravestone

Military Service: U.S. Navy
Spanish-American War and WW1

Occupation: Financier


  1. Dorothy
    b. September 18, 1890
    d. December 28, 1983 -- gravestone
  2. Rose
    b. May 08, 1895
    d. October 09, 1952 -- gravestone


Wedding Announcement

Published Biographies

John Jay Phelps Honored:
Fifty Years a Trustee of United States Trust

Died: July 03, 1948
Stoney Creek, CT



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