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Frances Phelps Korth Penry

Frances Phelps Korth Penry

After her divorce from Franz von Rottenburg, Frances' mother Marian returned to her maiden name, and in the process changed her daughter's name from Frances von Rottenburg to Frances Phelps.

Born: July 30, 1895 in Berlin, Germany

Father: Franz von Rottenburg


Mother: Marian Phelps


Married: (1) Arthur Korth in 1920

Divorced in 1928

Married: (2) Dr. John Penry in 1929


    By Arthur Korth: two children
    By John Penry: two children


Died: April 26, 1980
Lausanne, Switzerland

Buried in Little Malvern,
Worchestershire, England

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