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A. L. Peel
Civil War Diary
Adjutant, 19th. Mississippi Regiment

May/June 1861

May 29, 1861 - We left home today for the war.  Add & I came to H. Springs this morning.  Our Company arrived here this evening.  they are supplying themselves with shoes, hats & etc.  We are at D Matthewse's

May 30 - We left H. Springs today for Corinth & arrived at 12 today We are in an old Church.  J McKie is very sick I am sitting up with him.  I drilled the company.

May 31 - We are still here at Corinth.  We have supplied ourselves with cooking utensils & Tents.  I saw Miss Ludia Baugh, Amelia & Sallie McCarol at the Tavern.  I went out to the camps and saw several of my old school mates, I am Corporal of the guard.

June 1, 1861 - We left Corinth at one oclock this evening & have traveled over some very rough country.  We arrived here at Huntsville tonight the citizens had supper prepared for us.  We will travel all night.  Black, Bowen, Shaw, Ludovick, Pryor, Add & I will guard the Baggage at Richmond.

June 2 - We arrived here at Noxville tonight & found supper prepared for us, we will stay here tonight and sleep in the cars, it is raining very hard.

June 3 - We arrived here at Bristol today at 10 pm PM & took supper at the Hotel & slept in the cars We will leave tomorrow..  Dr Hyer fooled J. Harris & made him stand guard until midnight.

June 4, 1861 - We arrived here at Christians Range this evening & several of the soldiers spoke as we were waiting for the cars.  We got supper and saw some pretty girls.

June 5 - We arrived here at LinchBurge at sunrise.  D. Bowen & I up town & got breakfast it is very cold all day.

June 6 - We arrived here at Richmond last night at 12 remained in the cars until this morning.  Lu & I went up town & got Breakfast. We then moved out & struck camp in the old Fairground it is quite cool, I saw two ladies & made them sing Dixy.  Richmond is an ancient looking place.

June 7, 1861 - We have done nothing today of importance a good many of the boys have been downtown.  I was amused at seeing them cook.  Some of them think hard times are at hand when they have to cook what they eat.

June 8 - Our Regiment was formed today all other Companies have left the ground our company is the 9th  Pres Davis came out to see us this evening & a pretty girl came out this evening on a fine horse & dressed in secession uniform.

June 9 - I drilled the company today and went to the spring got some cool water.  We have to use a good deal of hydran water don't like it.  We have the fairground guarded  I don't like so much confinement.

June 10, 1861 - William Ellis left here for home this morning he has a great many letters to take with him  he thinks it will not be long till he returns.  Pryor & I have been drilling the company in squads.

June 11- (
no entry)

June 12 - We were mustered into service this morning. The boys think that there is no use of talking for their hands are tied Add, Pryor & I have been drilling the company today it is very warm.  We got our arms today, We don't like the muskets  We cant give the yankeys justice with them.

June 13, 1861 - I am not well today.  I have been laying in my tent all day think of home and these hard times.  I wish that old Abe was where the lord intends that he shall go one one of these days.

June 14 - The company drilled this morning in Squads, some of them think it is hard to have to drill, but they will learn better than that before they get home.  Orderly Dean & I went down Town and bought a violin  We will have some music here  I feel quite weak & fatigued from my walk.  I wrote a letter home today.  I must now extinguish my light & go to

June 15 - We had no drill today  I have spent the day moping about like a lost sheep, & think I will go on duty tomorrow, Dr Hyer & I have been discussing war matters & reading

June 16, 1861 - Add, Pryor & I have had our squads drilling, they are improving, I guess the Captain will soon drill his company.

June 17 - J McKie arrived here this morning & brought us a good many letters.  he will not be mustered into service.

June 18 - I am Corporal of the guard today & have had a good many in the guard house & gagged some of them.

June 19, 1861 - I went down Town today and bought a pair of shoes some paper & a Blanket, the nights are pretty cool up here.  Days are very warm  I got some ice cream & cakes in Town & saw a few peaches.

June 20 - I have been out drilling today.  found it pretty warm & went down to the spring.  Pres Davis came out to see us today & made a little speach.

June 21 - We had a very hard storm last night.  that blew Tents, clothes, cooking utensils & everything else away  it was amusing to see Doctor & I holding to our tent.  My hat got the countersign and passed out by the guards.

June 22, 1861 - I have past the day as usual  Dr Hyer & I have been in a Tent together for a week.  I took a bath to night and feel all right,  Dr is getting well.

June 23 - J McKie left here for home this evening.  he is quite sick & thinks that he will not try the soldiers life again.  Dr Hyer says that he is to delicate to stand the exposure.  Capt Drilled us like thunder to day.

June 24 - Capt Took us out drilling awhile & then let Robt, take us to the canal to bathe,  There were Three Spies brought in Town this evening,

June 25, 1861 - We got our uniforms this morning, there is not enough for all of our company  We all like it very much it is much the nicest in our Regiment

June 26 - We drilled to day as usual, I went to the Canal a bathed, cut my foot & left in disgust.  I had some good Lemmonade this evening  We are having Miss. Buttons put on our coats.

June 27 - I am Corporal of the guard to day & have had a good many ?men in the guard house.  I saw Burch to day he is 2nd Leut  I wish I could see some more of the old K. M. (H. M.?) Institute boys, guess I will meet some of them

June 28 - Add is sick & confined to his tent to day.  I am corporal of the guard & have several Irish men in the guard house

June 29 - I have been out drilling the company to day & saw a Regt pass for Manassa

June 30 - I have been over to see Add  he is in a private house & is treated very well.

2nd. Diary -- May/June, 1861

May 26 - J. D. Alston  came home with me yesterday evening  We went to church in Chulahoma and came to Capt Hardins to dinner  We met Leut Peel there, they had received orders to have our company in Corinth in Four days.  Jimmie & I started immediately to inform all the Marshall Riflemen of the orders & to meet in Chulahoma on Wednesday the 29th at 11 am, ready to go to H. S. and &c.  We stopped & related the news in Chulahoma  the boys were all pleased at the idea of being called so soon.  I fixed several gun [corner of page worn away]  We put out & after seeing several members we halted at Dr Wilsons for the night

May 27 - We went round & saw all the Marshall Riflemen & got home late this evening  Dr Peel came over to Toms to night at 12 & says that it is very necessary that I shall go to H.S. before light in the morning and return as soon as possible  I will give a negro orders to have my horse ready then I will go to Bed.

May 28, 1861 - I started to Holly Springs at 3 this morning to attend to some important business & to get uniforms for Lieut Peel Capt Hardin & myself, the ladies in H. Springs are all as busy as Bees making Clothes for the soldiers.  I returned home at 12  Would like to go to bid some of my relations & friends good by but my horse is too tired,,  We have spent the evening in talking of the War,,

May 29 - Add & I bid all at Toms fare well,.  Came by the old homestead & bid all that were there good by,  It makes me feel bad to see them all so much distressed  Sis Olivia says that she thinks I will get back again but thinks it rather doubtful about Add & Robert,.  We arrived at H.S. at 11 a.m. got our uniforms & had our Ambrotypes taken gave them to our friends,  The remainder of our company arrived here this evening & are busily employed in getting uniforms &c  Capt Hardin read the promotions this evening.  Add, Robert & I are at Dr Matthews to night, a good many of the Marshall Riflemen will take supper here,

May 30 - We formed a line this morning in front of the Magnolia & marched out to the Depot where we bid our friends adieu & left.  We arrived at Corinth at 2 p.m.  marched about a mile to a church to wait for further orders,  Some of the boys were sent down town & got a barrel of crackers & some Bacon also some cooking utensels &c,  I made some coffee & fried some meat and some crackers completed my bill of fair,.  Jms Mckie is quite sick  I am sitting up with him,

May 31, 1861 - We are still here in the church, I never slept any last night,,  We are not at all pleased with the bad water we have to drink,,  Sam, Add & I drilled the Company in squads this morning,  We opened a box of provisions & had very good dinner,  Robert started back to H. Springs after some recruits,  Col Mott came to see us this evening,  I am Corporal of the guard to night,  We have guards around the church   the boys are laying around on benches and grumbling about their hard beds but I guess that they will learn better, 

June 1 - I never slept more than an hour last night  I drilled the company this morning & then went out to the camp and saw some of my old schoolmates  We left Corinth this evening at 1 oc and took the Cars for Richmond Va  We all left in high spirits and arrived at Huntsville Alabama at a late supper which the Citizens had prepaired for us  I got a cup of Coffee & came back to the Cars,  I & my messmates will guard the Baggage to Richmond

June 2 - We have traveled all night.  I bought some Cakes Pies & things this morning at the 1st station,  We soon made way with them.  We saw some mountains  one was the lookout mountain  it is a beautiful one  We arrived at Chattanooga at 9 a.m. & changed cars  I do'nt like the darn place at all,  We got here at Knoxville at dark & found supper prepaired for us  We will stay here to night & sleep in the Cars.  Brownlow heard that we were coming and he left in Double quick time.  Twas very well that he did leave

June 3, 1861 - We left Knoxville this morning at 8,,  traveled through some beautiful country and saw some mountains at a long distance  arrived at Bristol this eve at 5  the boys ae running all over Town in search of supper.  We will stay here to night on account of the road being torn up ahead of us.  We sleep in the cars.  I took a good wash & as I was very dirty I feel much refreshed.  I believe that the inhabitants of this place are all right  they treat the Soldiers very well,

June 4 - We awoke this morning in Bristol,  We all went down in town & got breakfast  this is a rainy day.  We have been here all day loafing about,  a great many troops came up this morning from New Orleans,  I went out to a private house & got a good supper for Two bits  we will leave here tomorrow morn  Dr Hyer has fooled Jack Harris and will make him stand guard to night till very late  one of our boys got drunk to day the only bad conduct that any of them have been guilty of since we left home

June 5 - We left Bristol this morning at 5 and traveled through beautiful mountains  the Blew Ridge.  I saw a great variety of beautiful wild flowers,  We have came through a very long Tunnel under the mountain,,  We halted at Doublin Va,  this evening the citizens have been greatly alarmed,, looking for the yankeys to tare the Rail Road up,, Leut Barks  dale & Dr Hyer both stopped here  Barksdale is sick,  It is now late the sun is sitting & looks beautiful over the high Peaks of the Blew Ridge...

June 6, 1861 - We have traveled nearly all night,  but had to go very slow on account of bad Roads  We awoke this morning on the mountain  the cars traveled very slow,  so I got out & washed my face & got a cool drink of water  I saw some mountain girls they gave me some flowers,  We arrived here at Christians Burg this evening  had to wait for the train to come up,,  A good many soldiers are here  they made several speaches  P Jinkins & Jno Mckie Spoke,  I Saw some pretty girls  one of them gave me a Boquett,

June 7 - We arrived at LinchBurg this morning at sun rise  it is very cool & drizzling rain  D. Bowen & I went up town & bought some light bread & dried Beef for the Company,  We went to a Restaurant & got a good Breakfast  We then changed our Bagage Car and put out for Rich mond,  We halted after traveling 3 hs & waited for the mail train to pass,  the soldiers got to betting on shooting Pistols.  if they do'nt shoot better at yankeys they had better have stayed at home,

June 8 - We arrived at Richmond last night at 12  I did'nt know it till this morning  I went to the Canal & washed my face  then Lu & I went up town & got Breakfast in a restaurant,  We then got some Wagons & moved our Baggage out to an old Fair ground.  stretched out tents &c... Some of the boys have been down town this evening & got something to eat  Richmond is quite and ancient looking City  It is crouded with troops from all parts of the south.

June 9, 1861 - [no entry]

June 10 - This is Sunday.  We all got Breakfast  cleaned up about our tents got passes & went to Church  I went with the Captain to the Methodist Church & heard a very good sermon,  We came back to Camp.  I read a few chapters in the Bible.  took a short nap, awoke & found several campanies drilling  I do'nt like that, Wonder if we will have to drill on Sunday  I guess that our Captain will not drill his Company unless he is obliged to,

June 11 - Pryor  Add  & I drilled our Company in squads this morning, it is a hard matter to make them pay attention.  there is one or two fools that will never learn anything.  We bought three camp stools this evening  the first that we ever saw  the officers bought some camp cots,  they are very convenient,  they can be folded up into one small peace so they'll not be in the way in the day. Dr Peel came today & brought a good many recruits  W Young came.  he'll stay in our Mess,

June 12, 1861 - I tried my hand at making Biscuits this morning  I was rather awkward in making up the Doe but did very well for the first attempt.  I will have to get some soda,  for I have no way to beet the Doe to make it rise  We drilled the Company to day as usual  I went down town this evening  bought a Blanket, pair of shoes  pair of suspenders, & a pound of Soda,  I will make Biscuits rise,..  Dr Hyer & Lieut Barksdale, came up today.  Lieutenant is not quite well yet,,

June 13 - We drilled today as usual  I took my squad down to the Spring & got some cool water.  they want me to take them down there every day.  I think that I will.  Bill Ellis started home this morning  took a good many letters for the boys,  he thinks he will return soon & bring some recruits  Leut Martin will start in the morning  he received a letter to day stating that his child was very sick.  Three yankey spies were brought in town this evening  some of our boys saw them.

June 14 - Leut Martin started home this morning  he has a furlow for Two weeks  he took a good many lettes for us,  some of the boys have hired negroes to cook for them for $1/2 per day,  We struck tents to day and arranged them sistematically  I don't like to be so close to those darn quarrelsome Tipper fellows.  I am corporal of the guard  have had a good many drinken Irishmen in the guard house.  several have been trying to pass the guards.  I guess they will get a Bayonet stuck in them if they come.

June 15, 1861 - I dont feel well this morning  I didnt sleep any last night.  I have not been on duty to day the company drilled in squads as usual.  I have been reading the Bible &c

June 16 - This is Sunday  some of the boys went to church,  Dave Bowen shot his hand accidentally  ruined one of his fingers  Dr Hyer took a Bone out of it,  the same ball like to have went in my head  the boys came flocking around like two or three men were killed  I reckon they'll not mind it before they get back home.

June 17 - I drilled the Company this morning out in an old field  they do'nt improve much  I hop that the Captain will soon be ready to drill them  he is studying Tactics every day.  I saw an Alabaml Regt. going to Manassas junction  they were a ruff looking set,  Twelve yankeys were brought in town  seven of them are natives of Virginiaa,  I went down to the water works this evening  it is quite a curiosity,  I came through the semetary & saw Prest Monroes grave, & several pretty Pools of Water,,

June 18, 1861 - We drilled to day as usual,  I took the Company down to the canal to bathe  I cut my foot with a rock.  I do'nt like this rocky country  I wish that we had not have disbanded our Cavalry.  We would be in Missouri Skermishing now  I bet that all the boys will sorry before we get back,  I heard that Two spies would be shot at sun rise in the morning,,  A private in the Mott guards died this morning at the Hospitle  he was buried this evening,  Dave is quite sick  his hand paines him a great deal,,  he abuses Dr Smith for being such a trifling phasician  Jms Mckie arrived from home & brought us a great many letters &c,,

June 19 - David went to a private house this morning  We drilled as usual. Lu & I went down town  got some Ice Cream,  cakes &c,,  all of our Regt got Blankets to day that needed them,  They are very thin & trifling  prst Davis came out to see us to day,  he was on a very fine white horse  he made a short speach and flattered the Miss, Boys a good deal  said they were the only to stand by him in Mexico when no others would & that he would risk
? them before any others in the world,,  A lady came out on a horse this evening dressed in secession uniform  the soldiers gave several cheers.

June 20 - It rained last night.  Our tents were not ditched around well & the water came in at all sides & got us very wet,  I & Black went over to see David  he is treated very kindly & is doing very well.

June 21, 1861 - We have passed the day as usual  I have written Two letters & read a few chapters in the Bible  Dr & I have been in our tent this evening discussing religious matters.  I took a nice bathe at the Pump to night

June 22 - We had very hard storm last night that blew tents Blankets Clothes hats &c in every direction  My hat got the counter sign & passed by the guards.  Dr & I held our tent up until the storm was over,  the soldiers we all busy this morning stretching tents & looking for thing that the wind corried away  D. Bowen got a discharge & went home this morning  Lieut Birch of the Thos Hines guards went with him,,

June 23 - We got out arms today.  We are armed with Muskets & dont like them.  We thought that we were to get Mississippi Rifles.  We are sorry that we disbanded our cavalry for we might be in missouri with Maynard Rifles fighting

June 24, 1861 - I have been drilling the Company in the manual of arms,  they dont pay enough attention to learn fast  Capt Hardin will have to be very strict if he learns them anything in a long time

June 25 - Jon's Mckie started home this evening,  he thinks that he cant stand soldiers life

 June 26 - Capt Hardin drilled us this morning,  Col Mott Showed him how he wanted him to drill, & Robt took us down to the Canal to bathe.  We got our uniform which we had made for Cavalry, we all like it very much,

June 27 - We drilled to day as usual,  Add, Pryor & I went through the manuel of arms in front of the company so they could see that they did it right.  Lu & I went down to the River & walked nearly cross on the rocks,

June 28, 1861 - We have passed the as usual  Add is sick.  I am corporal of the guard & have several Irishmen in the guard house for drinking & fighting,  I had to gag several before they would be quiet.  I guess that I will gag several to night if I get to sleep any.  I wish that they were all out of our Regiment,

June 29 - I was out drilling the co this morning & saw a Regt. going to manassas junction  I mad the boys present arms as they passed us,,  Got a letter from home to day & answered it

June 30 - We drilled to day as usual.  I went to see Add  he is at a private house & is treated very kindly  it is rainy to night.  robt will stay with Add.

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