Highland History

Is measa cara fealltach nà namhaid follasach

A treacherous friend is worse than an open enemy

From Druidry to Christianity:
Or how we got from worshipping a tree to hanging a god on one

The Coming of the Chieftains
A look back to the time when the Chief was the greatest man among equals

The Dirty Linen
After centuries, this is still some of the juiciest Highland gossip...

Conflicts of the Clans

A more formal retelling of some of the stories included in Dirty Linen, plus many other accounts of the feuds that so marked Highland history, taken from a reprint of a rare little book, issued from the Foulis press in 1764, entitled: "The History of the Feuds and Conflicts Among the Clans in the Northern Parts of Scotland and in the Western Isles: from the year M.XX1 unto M.B.C.XIX, now first published from a manuscript wrote in the reign of King James VI."


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