Eilidh Bheag's
Highland Homepage

Cha sgeul rùine is triùir 'ga chluinntinn.

It is no longer a secret if three people hear it.

Highland History

Feuds and Ferver,
Massacres, Mayhem, and
Cattle Transactions

From Druidry to Christianity, the Coming of the Chieftains and the freshest Dirty Linen. Also for your enjoyment and edification Conflicts of the Clans, a reprint, first issued in 1764.

Celtic Culture

What to do when
the Slaughter Is Done

Containing Amusements, Stories By the Fireside and The Rules of Life


For the Fierce and the Timid

The Gaelic Language, Ancient But Still Kicking with Basic Notes on Pronunciation, plus Phrases To Impress Your Friends and Confuse Your Neighbors.

Gaelic Scotland

The official tourism portal for the Gaelic areas of Scotland, with a directory of websites relating to the Celtic language and heritage of Scotland, the language and culture of the Scottish Gaels, and a guide to Scottish Gaelic resources on the web.

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