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In Their Own Words:
Biographical Notes

Hunter Peel

Born: July 17, 1785

Lancashire, England

Father: Joshua Peel

Mother: Ann Hunter

Married: Margaret Peggy Wilson

[1784 -1830]

Occupation: county surveyor


  1. Eliza
    b. abt 1804
    m. James Bricknell Bef. November 22, 1831

  2. Volney (b. 1805; d. 1846)

  3. Jefferson
    b. abt 1807

  4. George
    b. abt 1808

  5. Emily
    b. abt. 1809
    m. George Mitchell c. 1828
    one daughter Margaret Mitchell
    d. after 1864

  6. Albert
    b. 1812 in Huntsville, AL
    m. Elizabeth Hannah Anderson c. 1836
    one son Albert (b.
    d. June 17, 1838 in Marshall Co., MS

  7. James Addison (b. 1812; d. 1860-1870)

  8. William Hunter (b. 1815; d. 1850-1860)

  9. Harvey Weakly
    b. 1817
    m. Martha Jane Ballard on July 08, 1846

  10. JuliaAnn (b. 1822; d. bef 1840)

  11. Jane
    b. abt 1825
    d. 1864-1870
    listed as an "idiot" in 1850 census, she is later listed with her brother Volney's family and is mentioned in Robert H. Peel's letters. The last mention is in 1864 and she is not listed in the 1870 census.
[Note: There is some confusion over the listing of the younger women in this generation. Some genealogies list "Mary Jane" who may well be the same as "Mary Elizabeth" in the next generation under Volney Peel. In addition, Jane is sometimes listed as a daughter of Volney but was in fact his sister.]

Died: March 09, 1831

Madison County, AL

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