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In Their Own Words:
Biographical Notes

Mary Ann Dunn

Born: 1876 in County Laois, Ireland

Father: Martin Dunn

(d. 1894)

Mother: Mary Ann Meehan

Married: Patrick Delaney (1872-1939)

St. Columba's Church, Philadelphia, PA


  1. Mary Ann, b. abt. 1903
    m. Mister Keyes
    d. May 29, 1985
  2. Lawrence, b. abt. 1905
    m. Mary Hannigan
    d. Abt. 1943
  3. Martin Francis
  4. James, b. abt. 1909
  5. Joseph, b. abt. 1911
    d. 1942
  6. Matthew, b. abt. 1913
    m. Helen McEntee
    d. October 26, 1992


Died: December 26, 1971 in Philadelphia, PA




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