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Armistice, 1918

Lieut. Alexander Says He Was Never Hugged and Kissed So Much

Lieut. Ludovic Alexander in a letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter P. Alexander, tells of his short but eventful stay in Paris and the journey which he made on his way to the First army, located in northern France. He says in part:

"Luck seemed with me for I had the pleasure to take part in the celebration in Paris on the 11th. To describe Paris on that night woulld [sic] be impossible for me. To say the lest [sic], everybody was absolutely wild. I never got hugged, kissed and dragged around as much in my whole life. Women would break away from their husbands or fathers or whomever they were with, and grab us.

"We had to take our luggage from one depot to another, and after nearly losing it and spending two hours trying to get about, we found a little truck with a top to it. We put our baggage in the truck and rode on the top. Why we were on our way to the depot the celebration seemed to break forth. People flocked out of doors, waved flags and ran up and down the streets. Our time limit was up at 8 o'clock, but we didn't want to leave. After 36 hours in Paris, the latter part spent in such a celebration, I would say that we were not in the humor to leave but we had to pull out the next morning.

"The first night of our journey was the longest, coldest night I have spent in a long time. The trains in this part of the world have no light or heat. We arrived after a time none the worse for the journey but had to limber up a bit.

"I have been put with the French on some ammunition work and feel sure I shall like it. I don't expect to stay here long, but will keep on the move for some time. I have been at Chateau Theirry and the sights there are long to be remembered. I am glad I am out of the SOS. I am with the headquarters of the First army, getting a taste of life at the front."

unknown paper, Little Rock, Arkansas, November 1918

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