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In Their Own Words:
Biographical Notes

Green Pryor

Capt. Green Pryor

Born: March 09, 1796 in Pittsylvania Co, VA

Father: John Pryor

(c. 1767-1798)

Mother: Elizabeth Perkins

(c. 1761 - c. 1810)

Married: (1) Olivia Manbury Polk


Married: (2) Jane Maria Alexander


July 15, 1831 in Hardeman Co., TN

Jane Maria was his son-in-law's sister, thus creating one of the more interesting genealogical loops in the family history.


    By Olivia Manbury Polk
  1. Martha Elizabeth
  2. Mary
  3. John P.

  4. By Jane Maria Alexander
  5. Adam Alexander, born 1838
    married Elizabeth Young on September 20, 1858
  6. Samuel H., born 1844
    married Annie F. Patterson; died 1900
  7. Maria J. (Olivia Maria?), born 1847
  8. Green, Jr.
  9. Maud Josephine

Died: April 12, 1853 in Cool Springs, MS

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