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The Mite

[book's dimensions are 1.5 x 2 cms.]


E.A. Robinson


and Published
E.A. Robinson,



This book is issued as a curiosity and is the smallest ever printed from type in the World. The type is Brilliant, 20 lines to the in., smallest produced in this country.



General . . . . 11
Events . . . . .19
Wise . . . . . . 27


[ink drawing of three men]




The art of printing was invented in Germany about 1455 or 1456 by John Guttenberg.


Wm. Caxton introduced it into England in 1477, and published a book called "The Game of Cheese."

*** 11


1,500 tons of wire are used every year for making pins.

Eiffel Tower is 975 ft. high.

*** 12

The longest bridge in the World is over the Chinese Sea, 5 miles.

The longest Tunnel is in Hungary.

*** 13

A Church at Lullington to Sussex, is 16ft square.

The greatest Church is St. Peter's, Rome, 613ft long.

*** 14

The family name of the Queen is Este Guelph.

The coinage of a sovereign costs about a penny.

*** 15

150 different colours are now obtained from coal tar, and also a substance 300 times sweeter than sugar.


[Pen sketch of a Japanese lady.]


[Silhouette of a man with a pipe.]


[Pen sketch of a sailing ship.]

*** 19


The Jubilee of Queen Victoria, 1887.

Penny Post opened, 1840.

*** 20

Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone born Dec. 29, 1809.

First paper mill opened in England, 1588.

*** 21

Shakespeare born, 1583.

Gunpowder plot, 1605.

Great fire of London, 1666.

First gas in London, 1807.


[Silhouette of a man with a cane and a cigar.]

*** 23

Fleet prison abolished in London, 1844.

The Battle of Trafalgar, 1805.

Suez Canal opened, 1869.

*** 24

Landing of Julius Caesar, B.C. 66.

Gunpowder was used by the Chinese, A.D. 80.

*** 25

The Gospel first preached in England by Joseph of Arimathea, and disciples of Philip, A. D. 63.


[Silhouette of an owl.]

*** 27


"The early bird catches the worm," said the father to his wild son. "What

*** 28

a fool the worm was to be up early," said the son.

"He was not up early, but going home," was the reply.


[Pen sketch of a boy]


[Silhouette of a monkey]

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