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In Their Own Words:
Behind Life's Curtain

I know that many do not believe in anything beyond the here and now, and ironically many of the most devoutly religious deny the existence of other-worldly energies. I do not ask that you believe what you read here, only that you keep an open mind. I have approached every one of my personal experiences with a level of scepticism, challenging myself to find alternate reasons for what has happened. Nothing here constitutes conclusive proof of anything. My reason for sharing these experiences is to set them down for others to consider. If they are of interest or of use to you, then perhaps that is the best reason I have for placing them online. If you are a sceptic or a disbeliever, there is no point in arguing with me. In these passages I will say all that I remember about the experiences and you are free to make up your own mind.

To protect the privacy of living participants their names have been omitted or altered.

  1. Relative Abilities

  2. The Haunting of Rose Hill

  3. Prophetic Dreams

  4. The Strange Journey of John Simms

  5. Dabbling With the Dead

  6. Psychic Hotline

  7. Theory and Practice


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