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John Pryor, Son of J H & M E Alexander Died 9th March 1844  age 4 mo & 22 days

Martha Hill, Daughter of J H & M E Alexander Died July 5th, 1847  age 8 mos & 17 Days

William P., Son of J. H. & M. E. Alexander Died 8th Sept 1848  age 9 mo & 14 days

Joseph Maples, Son of J H & M E Alexander Died 12th Sept 1852  Age 1 year & 5 mos & 6 days

James Findal, Son of J H & M E Alexander Died 10th July 1857  Age 1 mo

Claude Cadman, son of J H & M E Alexander Died the 8th of November 1868, aged 5 years & 8 moths

Leah R. Alexander died 19th Feby 1863, aged 80 years

Lucy N. McClain died Oct 1876

Robt. W. McClain died Sep 4th 1878.

Adam R. Alexander died Nov 1st 1848
[this entry may have been made upon the family's move from Mississippi to Arkansas which occurred about 1880]

Edwin Polk Alexander Died Decr 21st 1883 at Gainesville Texas

[SOURCE: photocopy provided by Constance Alexander Mitchell]
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