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Far From Home:
The Diary of Lt. William H. Peel,

Billy Peel was only 23 when he enlisted in the 11th Mississippi Infantry in May 1861. He was elected 1st Lt of Company C, serving ably until his capture on the third day of Gettysburg. The diary he started in February 1864 covers the last week of June 1863 through the night of July 3, then takes up his life in the officers' prison at Johnson's Island, Ohio. Often humorous, Peel's war plays out very differently for a man with nothing but time on his hands.

Peel was well-educated, which is revealed in his beautifully constructed prose, something uncommon for a mid-19th century diary in its original form. The diary has been transcribed exactly, including all of Peel's cross-outs, insertions, grammar and spelling. In addition to Peel's text, the author has added footnotes and original articles to explain some of the matters touched on by Peel, but not fully elucidated. The appendices cover information on other matters mentioned in the diary, complete transcripts of the three Peel brothers' military service records, genealogical data, and a complete bibliography. Accompanying the text are black and white illustrations throughout, including portraits of men, the famous and the family members, as well as archival artwork and pictures of the Gettysburg battlefield.

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